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What's a Chimney Cake?

A Chimney cake, traditionally called Kürtöskalács, is a dessert of Hungary. This Sweet Bread is freshly baked to order with a crispy crunchy outside and a light fluffy dough inside. They are cylinder shaped with a hollow center, resembling a hot smoking chimney when it comes fresh out the oven.  

Fresh sweet dough made daily, rolled, wrapped around a cylinder and baked in a rotisserie oven. If you enjoy the taste of churros, then you will absolutely love the scrumptiousness of a Chimney Cake!

This vision transpired after a visit to Prague where this dessert is found on the street  grilled on an open fire. Inspired by the delicious dessert we wanted to bring Chimney cakes to Arizona.  Studying the art of making the Chimney Cakes and buying equipment  from Europe has made this possible. Starting in a mobile food trailer and has transpired to a permanent location in Mesa, AZ  at Mesa Riverview!

Hand rolled fresh with each order! Served just the way you like it.  How do you like  your Chimney Cakes?

AZ Chimney Cakes
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08:14 12 Jan 23
Was taken here for my birthday and what a way to end the night. It was busy and did feel bad there were only two girls working. They hustled and were extremely friendly and patient with everyone. I got the Barcelona and we also got the Berliner.The toppings looked slightly different than the picture but I was surprised to see that they put strawberries throughout the ice cream. The vanilla was just right and the cone itself was beyond amazing and an experience that should be had at least once. Very filling too, so be aware you can probably share this, but only if you can decide on one of their great selections.
Daniel LDaniel L
18:29 07 Jul 22
Good, different desert but I don't think I'd go outta my way to come here again. If you haven't had it, I'd recommend you try it. It's like a cinnamon roll tube filled with soft serve ice cream.
Jennifer WanickJennifer Wanick
03:07 07 Jul 22
Unique and delicious! Service was friendly and helpful. Warm cinnamon and sugar "chimney" and vanilla ice cream? Yes, please! Will definitely come back!
Candice SmithCandice Smith
05:20 06 Jul 22
One of my favorite dessert shops! I love sharing this place with family and friends. They immediately become addicted like me! 😅Hope to see more locations, this is a little far from our house, but totally worth it!
04:06 28 Apr 22
We are in AZ for a graduation and saw an ad for this place. We ordered the Zurich, Cream & Strawberries and brownie sundae. The sundae was okay, but I prefer something similar from Diary Queen. However, the chimney cakes were fantastic. The cream inside them was refreshing for it not to be ice cream. We got a cinnamon roll to take and eat in the morning for breakfast.The staff were super friendly and helpful with it being our first visit. You may visit their Facebook page and send them a message to sign up and get amazing coupons to use.I would love to return before we fly back out and get the Oreo cream in an Oreo chimney cake.Highly recommend visiting here!
Hazel GraceHazel Grace
20:40 24 Apr 22
First time trying this place and OMG so freaking good had to limit myself to only buying 2 items. The smell when you walk in is immediately so heavenly. Definitely coming back here and the cashier was so kind even explained how it all works.
Melinda NielsenMelinda Nielsen
07:25 24 Apr 22
My husband and I fell in love with trdelník while living in Prague. We found this place and thought it would be nostalgic to try. However, we both felt it fell a bit short.The chimney cakes we got in Europe were so fluffy. The ones here felt a bit overcooked.My husband got the strawberries and cream and it had more whipped cream than ice cream and was topped with like 5 tiny strawberry sized chunks.I got the Bavarian cream and while the cream was delicious, it was so heavy and rich and filled the entirety of the chimney cake that it was a bit overwhelming... I actually took most of it out.The decor, concept, and staff were awesome. It made us remember being in Europe and was a fun experience.
Kim PenningtonKim Pennington
02:23 21 Mar 22
If you haven't tried it yet then you are missing out. The whole family loved the chimney cake. Customer service was great and we were pretty close to their closing time so really appreciated their hospitality.
John ShirtsJohn Shirts
04:55 12 Mar 22
My wife lured me here with pictures on social media. The decor sets you in a charming homage to old Europe's grandest cities and scenes.We got the Berliner, which we thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, we were so excited to get it that I forgot to take a pic.I can imagine that everything on the menu is as good as it looks. I would love to come back and sample more.I had no regrets but in terms of the experience, there are a few drawbacks to be noted. First, the ice cream is soft-serve. So, don't expect premium. Second, it took 15 minutes for our order to come out and only one person was in front of us. Third, at $8 per chimney, these treats are definitely on the expensive side of date night sweets.
Meela BunBunMeela BunBun
03:08 12 Mar 22
This was our first time here and we absolutely loved this unique dessert! We had a small selection of different treats and loved them all. The only warning I would give is be prepared to spend about $8 per cone but it was well worth it!
03:52 07 Mar 22
Got the blueberry cheesecake chimney cake for $9.27 was pretty good overall. Good flavor blueberry mix was just from a can and cheesecake mix was ok. Interesting texture on the cone. Was not excepting it to be crispy for some reason. But kind of took a while and was too expensive for how small it was. Overall I would try it again sometime but wish it was a little cheaper.
Amar MannAmar Mann
02:44 25 Feb 22
This place was definitely different but so good. A Hungarian dessert I've never tried. The staff was very friendly as well definitely will be back again.
Debra NamokiDebra Namoki
03:43 24 Feb 22
Always a great experience! Love trying the different chimney cake flavors. The cones alone are just amazing!! Coffee drinks are delicious. And the customer service is wonderful. They give great tips of what to try if you’re new. You won’t be disappointed! Highly recommend!!!
Stephyie P MannStephyie P Mann
02:26 24 Feb 22
Found this lil hidden gem!!!! Me and hubby are foodies and LOVE trying new places so when we came across this place I was intrigued by their dessert menu. Everything looks so delicious and I wish I could have tried it all LOL … our server was Evelin and she did an AMAZING job sharing information with us regarding specific treats and even shared her fav 😊 told her next time I’ll definitely try the apple pie … we had a good experience and will definitely be back!!! - quick service, friendly faces, and yummy treats! 5 stars from us ⭐️
Ashley WaggonerAshley Waggoner
23:41 13 Feb 22
Do not come in here unless you have nowhere else to be for a while. I was the only customer but my 2 item order took 30 minutes. Nobody said anything so this must be a normal wait. One of the girls was super friendly I should add.
Nichole SomethingNichole Something
08:45 13 Feb 22
IT’S NOT RAW BTW (most bad reviews say so but it’s literally just soft cooked dough like a cinnamon roll so those people are liars). The things do take about 10 minutes at least to receive even if you’re the only customer.Great place and atmosphere. Waitresses are super nice and food is great. The chimneys are good but a little over hyped and also super messy. I’ll come back for the dole whip and cookie butter cinnamon rolls! It’s also Cool that their vanilla gelato has real vanilla bean in it.Also this place is dog friendly 🙂
Talia StrongTalia Strong
02:08 13 Feb 22
Most delicious cinnamon roll I’ve ever had hands down! So fresh and soft, with icing AND cookie butter on top are you serious?! Definitely have to share because it’s huge.
Barbara SBarbara S
15:56 03 Feb 22
While the “chimney” is made fresh and is interesting to watch being made, it was too small with too few toppings for an $8+ price tag!! Also, the chimney and ice cream are both extremely sugary, which I didn’t like since I don’t prefer hyper sweet treats.
Google ZoomGoogle Zoom
21:48 20 Jan 22
Stopped by to try these.I had some "Warm" custard that the person behind the counter suggested for me to try.I Did Not know it was going to be Warm. It was ok. Dug into the crust cone. Top was good, first row. Second row was still raw dough. Almost threw up. So we definitely Will Not be returning here.My expectations were high and was disappointed.
Ray RivasRay Rivas
03:05 24 Dec 21
I don't know what was more sweet, the Bavarian cream cone, or the hospitality. But both will definitely have me returning again! Glad we stopped in, hope you give it a chance as well. ☺️
Rhema LucasRhema Lucas
22:46 21 Dec 21
I wish I could rate them 10 stars. This is exactly the kind of business every local should be rallying behind and supporting. Fantastic product! They show genuine care for the customer and quality of their product. They value your business and it shows. This treat is unique and versatile in many ways. Always fresh and delicious.
john florezjohn florez
04:36 10 Nov 21
Great place for desert and treats. We had 2 "chimneys", one with Reese's and one with strawberries. They both had gelato inside as well and they were excellent. Also tried a cinnamon roll and it was very good as well. Staff was very friendly and helpful as well. Overall great place with great food, highly recommend!
Alyssa CookAlyssa Cook
02:12 05 Nov 21
They give small business vibes, have an amazing atmosphere, successfully create lots of different types of chimney cakes and other desserts. Tastes great! I highly recommend!
01:00 02 Nov 21
The cinnamon & sugar chimney cone was delicious! Made to order so it was hot and fresh. I chose to fill it will chocolate & vanilla swirl soft serve which was also great. Next time I’ll try one of their specialties with a cream filling. Definitely a treat and worth stopping by when driving thru.
k “Norm” stapesk “Norm” stapes
23:53 13 Jun 21
Wow! This place exceeded my expectations. I'm done with other desserts until I try every one of their cones. I had the Bavarian cream it was excellent. I found it to be tastier than traditional ice cream. The cone was delicious as well. They're rather large. I ate half in the shop and saved the other half in the fridge overnight. Just as good the next day! The wife and I are happy we found this place.
Eric HodgesEric Hodges
04:37 11 Nov 20
We tried the cheesecake cone and it was delicious. At first I was worried it would be too sweet but it definitely wasn't. Their ice cream tastes rich without tasting sugary and the cone itself is so good and crunchy yet soft on the inside.
David SarmientoDavid Sarmiento
03:54 19 Oct 20
This is my 2nd time here at AZ chimney cakes I enjoyed the cream and strawberries which include cinnamon sugar cone, Bavarian cream and strawberries. It was delicious, if you have a sweet tooth this is the place to go. You will not be disappointed I give this place 5 stars. Cathy and the staff are amazing....
Meghan SealMeghan Seal
04:35 04 Oct 20
My family and I are always looking for new dessert places and this place is AMAZING! Customer service was great and the store is so clean and cozy. It's a cute fun place. They are priced well I think. If your looking for something different this is a great spot.
Laura BullardLaura Bullard
17:11 28 Sep 20
So happy I finally got to try this place out! I had the Biscoff chimney cone and it tasted amazing! The only recommendation I have is to have a menu that is posted. They currently have a rotating menu on a screen of everything they sell, but it moves to fast to be able to read each page and figure out what all of your options are.Thanks AZFOODGUY! You are the reason I found this place.
Claire YuClaire Yu
10:17 27 Sep 20
It's a really nice new find and it's so good you won't regret it.It reminds me of a churro cone filled with legit gelato and it's fresh and really impressive.Must have, must try!
Christine HChristine H
00:33 26 Sep 20
Great establishment! Will definitely be back. The service provided was terrific. Helpful and friendly staff. The chimney cake I ordered was delicious and made to perfection. The perfect out of the ordinary treat you could ask for! Great job AZ Chimney Cakes!
Angie ObertAngie Obert
02:05 20 Sep 20
So good! Great service and cleanliness.
Laura PittmanLaura Pittman
04:46 19 Sep 20
This place was delicious. The employees here are super nice and helpful. We were searching for some dessert places on Google and stumbled upon this place that isn't too far away from where we live. The inside is really nice and clean. The displays are easy to read and informative. There is just so much to choose from!
Cal HCal H
23:55 03 Sep 20
Amazing desserts. Great coffee. Awesome customer service 🙂
Daniel CoonsDaniel Coons
00:53 09 Aug 20
So I went the other day simply based off the pictures and not reading any reviews or hearing about this place from anyone. Needless to say I was not disappointed one bit. I'll be going back today for more! And many visits in the future. It was also nice to learn that they're a veteran owned business. As an owner of a veteran business myself, I will do all I can to support them!
Tookas FoodFeverTookas FoodFever
22:27 10 Jun 20
Tasty & Cute!!Get yourself a chimney Cone from @azchimneycakes you can get it glazed or with cinnamon/sugar either with ice cream or their special fillings!! Make your own beautiful creation! I had mine dipped in party sprinkles and filled with CHOCOLATE ice cream because for a hot day that's exactly what you neeed!! Also added marshmallows that gave it a special touch . & you can't forget to get a drink as well they have a variety of different drinks ! I tried their mango smoothie & oooo was it refreshing .
Paola MirandaPaola Miranda
22:26 10 Jun 20
Tasty & Cute!!Get yourself a chimney Cone from @azchimneycakes you can get it glazed or with cinnamon/sugar either with ice cream or their special fillings!! Make your own beautiful creation! I had mine dipped in party sprinkles and filled with CHOCOLATE ice cream because for a hot day that's exactly what you neeed!! Also added marshmallows that gave it a special touch . & you can't forget to get a drink as well they have a variety of different drinks ! I tried their mango smoothie & oooo was it refreshing .


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